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Times:2023-03-16 02:03:21
Fattening of livestock and poultry to promote growth, fattening is a topic that everyone can't avoid. No matter how big the pig farm or breeding industry is, they want the livestock to grow fast and go out of the market early so as to make money, but they are often in a hurry At the same time forget about problems with the digestive system. Okobake functional probiotics can produce a variety of digestive enzymes, which can be converted into amylase, lipase, protease and other digestive enzymes, which can provide the body with the nutrients needed to promote its growth and development, thereby increasing the feed conversion rate and promoting animal absorption , improve its digestive function. In addition, Okobake functional probiotics can not only synthesize vitamins for the use of animal organisms, but also provide nutrition for animals. According to market demand, our company has developed a functional probiotic product that promotes fattening and growth, which can significantly improve animal production and growth performance, reduce and improve the amount of manure, and improve the environmental quality of livestock houses. It really improves the growth and production performance of animals, increases efficiency and reduces costs.
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