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Feed Detoxification

Times:2023-03-16 02:03:49
In real farming environment and feed, mycotoxins are ubiquitous. Once animals ingest feed containing mycotoxins, they will cause mycotoxin poisoning. Low doses of toxins can cause animal production performance and immune function to decline, causing animal liver and kidney changes, enterotoxic syndrome, glandular gastritis, reproductive disorders and other diseases*, while high doses of toxins can cause acute death of animals. Caused significant economic losses to the farming industry. Therefore, it is of great significance to effectively control and solve the pollution of mycotoxins to food and feed to improve animal production performance and human food safety. The company's mold remover product patent, biological mold removal; scientific "removal of toxins", the use of biological mold remover to decompose the mycotoxins contained in the feed; improve animal immunity, enhance the body's own anti-fungal ability, protect the liver and kidney , Improve the detoxification and detoxification ability of internal organs, only decompose toxins and not absorb nutrients.
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