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Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Times:2023-03-16 11:03:20

Add Okobaek functional probiotics to animal diets. Through the combination of special functional strains, the activities of exogenous enzymes and endogenous enzymes in the intestinal tract of animals can be improved, especially the activity of protease, so as to achieve the effect of improving the digestibility of dietary protein. At the same time, the large secretion of antibacterial substances and immune factors ensures the health of animals and reduces the cost of breeding. Help reduce soybean meal and increase feed remuneration.
Since 2022, with the low price of pigs and the high cost of feed raw materials, the animal husbandry industry has to use some low-cost unconventional raw materials to replace some soybean meal and fish meal to reduce feeding costs. But it is also accompanied by some risks, such as poor feed palatability, low digestion and absorption rate, and damage to the intestinal mucosa of livestock and poultry.
Therefore, it is of great significance to find and develop the best functional probiotic products. Okobake functional probiotics are not only a stable functional feed additive for feed companies, but also a reliable choice for terminal farms. While meeting the nutritional needs of animals, it also has the functions of improving production performance, improving intestinal health, and improving immunity, thereby helping feed companies reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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