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Maternal Health

Times:2023-03-16 02:03:50
It is well known that female animals are the source of income for farmers, which means that the health of breeding female animals is essential and plays a vital role in the profitability of farms. In order to solve the troubles of breeders in this regard, Okoback has developed functional probiotic products for female animals from initial health care to late calving.
1. Regulate the balance of gastrointestinal flora, promote the growth and value-added of probiotics, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, adjust the micro-ecological balance, reduce ammonia odor, and reduce constipation.
2. Increase lactation and improve milk* Increase blood flow in mammary gland tissue, promote mammary gland epithelial cell differentiation and secretory cell increase, promote prolactin secretion, increase immunoglobulin content in milk, reduce yellow and white scour of young animals, improve survival rate of young animals and Strong calf rate, increase weaning weight.
3. Improve reproductive performance: act on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, promote the secretion of gonadal hormones, stimulate the development of egg cells in lactating female animals, increase the number of ovulations, increase the conception rate, and produce 2-3 more heads per litter; it is beneficial to the early embryo attachment of female animals Planting and development; promote female estrus, shorten the estrus interval.
4. Regulate hormone balance: prevent estrus disorder in female animals, reduce corpus luteum *, ovarian cysts caused by anoestrus, long-term infertility, etc.
5. Improve physical fitness: *Reduce the phenomenon of female animals not eating before and after childbirth, postpartum agalactia, paralysis, etc., shorten the birth process, reduce stillbirths and weak offspring, and prolong the service life of female animals.
6. Protect liver and kidney, remove mold and detoxify: reduce sub-health conditions such as tear spots and tear marks in female livestock caused by toxins such as environment, pesticides, and feed molds.
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