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Feed Fermentation

Times:2023-03-16 02:03:18
Under the condition that animal husbandry cannot control the price of feed, the only way to improve feed utilization and reduce loss is the kingly way. Roughage is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin substances, lignin and other crude fibers and proteins, but it is difficult to be directly digested and absorbed by animals. Animals will increase the burden on the intestines and cause intestinal diseases if eaten by animals. However, using fermented feed It is one of the most feasible ways to quickly transform the nutritional components of other roughage raw materials to improve feed utilization.
Four highlights of Okobake feed starter:
1. Reduce feed cost: rich in compound functional probiotics and digestive enzymes, which can increase feed digestion and utilization rate by 10-15%, reduce feed cost, and reduce intestinal stress;
2. Anti-infection and immune enhancement: rich in a large amount of nutrients, immune anti-infection type probiotic live bacteria, can quickly adjust the balance of intestinal flora, nourish the intestinal tract, reduce the occurrence of enteritis and diarrhea, promote the development of immune organs, enhance the vitality of immune cells, Improve immunity and resistance to infection;
3. Improve production performance: rich in various amino acids and trace elements, improve production performance and promote animal health;
4. Promote food intake and aid digestion: rich in small peptides and small molecule fermentation products, promote food intake, aid digestion, increase nutrition, relieve stiffness and promote growth.
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