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Feed starter

Feed Starter

Feed starter

Feed Starter

Main ingredients:

The main ingredients of this product include actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria, bacillus, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast and other dozens of beneficial bacteria, which are compound microbial strains developed by special technology.

Scope of application: This product is mainly fermented with nutritious fermentation materials such as bean dregs, distiller's grains, hogwash rapeseed cake, and various straws.

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A kind of high-efficiency compound microbial strain, which is composed of actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria, bacillus, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts and other beneficial bacteria through special technology. It contains a variety of high-quality lactic acid bacteria and enzymes.

Suitable for the fermentation and storage of feed. It can quickly reduce the PH value, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, improve the digestibility, palatability and fermentation quality of feed.

Carrier: corn starch.

Live bacteria content: effective count of viable cells 10 billion CFU / g. 

Benefits of fermented feed

1,  It can replace 60% full price feed

2,  Full feed utilization increased by 10-15%

3,  Shorten the breeding period by 5-10 days

4,  70% reduction of ammonia in the enclosure


This product mainly ferments soybean dregs, distiller's grains, hogwash, rapeseed cake, rice bran, peanut cake, cassava residue, various straws and other nutritious fermentation feed raw materials. It is used to treat soybean meal, distiller's grains and hogwash, and timely ferment and enzymolysis feed by modern biotechnology.


1. Good palatability. It has a unique aroma of fermentation, excellent food promotion, improve feed taste, increase animal appetite, long-term use to develop hobbies, improve animal feed intake, promote growth, reduce feed consumption.

2, Rich in lactic acid. Provide natural acidifier such as lactic acid, acetic acid, etc. without adding feed acidifier, reduce feed cost.

3. Prevent diarrhea. It has no antigen and anti nutritional factor, and can solve the nutritional diarrhea of animals.

4. Improve physical fitness. It can regulate and activate the whole activity of cells and body, promote the development of intestinal villi, promote the kinetic energy of gastrointestinal tract of young animals, and promote the healthy growth and development of animals.

5. Promote absorption. Bioactive small peptide protein can be directly absorbed through intestinal mucosa, with high transport speed and absorption rate, and is not easy to be saturated. Without competition with amino acids, it can also promote the transport of free amino acids. Small peptide absorption consumes less energy and improves protein utilization.

6. Regulate the intestine. A large number of active probiotics can enhance the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, and improve the micro ecological balance of the intestinal tract.

7. Improve immunity. Enhance the immune function of animals, reduce the dosage of antibiotics or replace antibiotics, improve nutrition and immunity.


The method of strain activation

1. Prepare a clean fermentation container with good sealing performance, and add sterile clean water.

2. Add 2kg brown sugar into 20kg water, heat the water, add brown sugar, stir and melt, cool the brown sugar water to 25-35 ° C, then add a package of feed starter, stir and put it into a fermentation container for sealed fermentation. 3-7 days in summer and 5-10 days in winter.

3. The lid can not be opened three days before fermentation, and a little air can be put in on the fourth day to avoid inflation.

4. The best fermentation temperature is about 30 ° C, and the fermentation time is longer when the temperature is low, and it is better to warm in winter. After fermentation, transfer to a cool place.

Production process:

1. After diluting and mixing the fermentation broth with water, 1kg of bacterial liquid can ferment 200kg feed, and evenly add it into the coarse feed to make the fermentation moisture content reach 50%, hold it into a ball with the palm of your hand to reach the state of instant dispersion, and then seal fermentation. Under the environment temperature of 25-35 ° C for 3-7 days, it shows that the fermentation is successful, and it takes 15-30 days to ferment the faeces.

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