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Qi Le Fu

Qi Le Fu--Probiotics fermenting natural plants

Fermentation probiotics strains are the soul of fermenting natural plants

Qi Le Fu--Probiotics fermenting natural plants

Fermentation probiotics strains are the soul of fermenting natural plants


Fermentation probiotics strains are the soul of fermenting natural plants are transformed by probiotics, from large molecules to small molecules, absorbed; to improve the taste fermenting natural plants, the real curative effect is accelerated, quickly absorbed to the blood; the fermentation process decomposes toxins , truly non-toxic and side effects, the real efficacy is improved, which is 4-28 times higher than that of traditional medicine.

Main ingredients:

Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecalis, Pediococcus lactis, Clostridium butyricum, Bacillus subtilis, mycotoxin decomposing enzyme, protease, etc.;


1. Poultry use effect

(1) Solve feed stool: use this product for 3-5 days to improve digestion and absorption rate and reduce feed stool;

(2) Solve nutritional diarrhea: Use this product for 5-7 days to solve nutritional diarrhea, the feces will form without diarrhea, and the feed-to-egg ratio will be reduced;

(3) Improve eggshell color: use this product for 7-10 days, the number of defective eggs is significantly reduced, and the incidence of sandy eggs, soft-shell eggs, and cracked eggs is significantly reduced;

(4) Increase egg weight: use this product for 20-25 days to increase the concentration of egg white, and the average weight of each egg will increase by 1-2

(5) Effective prevention and control of seasonal diarrhea: use in summer to prevent diarrhea and overfeeding, reduce the incidence of yolk peritonitis, salpingitis and intestinal diseases; use in winter to reduce harmful gas emissions such as ammonia and sulfur dioxide in the house, Reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases and improve the breeding environment;

(6) Extend the peak egg production period: long-term use of this product can prolong the egg production peak period by 1 to 2 months and improve egg uniformity;

(7) Reduce the morbidity rate, reduce the death rate, save costs, reduce the use of preventive drugs, reduce feeding costs, and improve breeding benefits.

2. The effect of ruminant use

Beef Cattle, Meat Sheep

Improve feed digestibility, reduce morbidity, grow more meat, digest food and appetize, increase stiffness and promote growth, quickly promote fat, increase lean meat rate, improve meat quality, advance slaughter, increase weight gain by more than 15%
the cow

(1) The digestion and absorption rate of feed is significantly improved, 8-12% of feed is saved, and the incidence of digestive system diseases and morbidity is reduced;

(2) Improve immune function, reduce the incidence of dairy cow udder inflammation, relieve negative energy balance in the early lactation period, reduce nutritional and metabolic diseases, and improve animal immunity and overall health;

(3) Relieve ruminal acidosis, reduce the incidence of limb and foot disease, improve rumen function and increase feed utilization rate, increase daily milk production by 5-15%, and improve milk quality, increase milk fat rate by about 0.6%, and milk protein rate by about 0.4% .

3. The effect of using it on pigs

(1) Regulate intestinal health, increase sow appetite, improve sow weight loss after weaning;

(2) Reduce the incidence of genitourinary system diseases in sows, accelerate the recovery of the uterus, shorten the interval between weaning and estrus, and increase the delivery rate and litter rate of the next litter;

(3) Improve the healthy piglet production rate and piglet survival rate of sows, and reduce the incidence of piglet dysentery;

(4) Promote milk secretion, improve milk quality, enhance piglet health, and promote piglet growth;

(5) Provide balanced nutrition, adjust the nutritional balance of sows, reduce postpartum lean oil and piglet malnutrition;

(6) Enhance immunity, improve non-specific immunity and specific immune function of sows;

suckling piglet

(1) Improve the gastrointestinal function of piglets, regulate the balance of intestinal flora, and reduce the occurrence of various intestinal diseases such as diarrhea in piglets;

(2) Stimulate the release of intestinal villi, promote the secretion of various digestive enzymes, and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestine;

(3) It can effectively reduce the symptoms of diarrhea, loose stools, edema feet, noisy pens, tail biting, transportation fever and other symptoms caused by stress such as weaning, feeding, group transfer, transportation and various environmental changes in piglets, and has anti-stress effect;

(4) Improve all-round nutrition, promote rapid growth of piglets, and improve uniformity

grow-finish pig

(1) Improve the palatability of the feed, adjust the intestinal flora, improve the appetite of fattening pigs and the digestion and absorption rate of the feed, and significantly increase the speed and rate of weight gain;

(2) Improve intestinal mucosal function, promote digestion and secretion, and overcome problems such as lack of food and indigestion during fattening;

(3) Provide rich nutrition, rapidly promote growth, shorten the feeding cycle, and save feeding costs;

(4) Long-term use of this product can effectively solve the problems of low immunity and susceptibility to diseases in the process of fattening pigs, make the pigskin bright and in good shape, improve the quality of pork, increase the antioxidant capacity of pork during storage, and prolong the life of pigs. its storage time.

4. The effect of using fur animals

(1) Prevent diarrhea of fur animals such as foxes and minks, and improve anti-stress ability;

(2) Significantly increased feed intake, and feed intake increased by 10-25% after feeding for 3 days;

(3) Improve fur quality and fur color, reduce hair tearing;

(4) The feces are delicate, shaped, reduce fecal odor, and improve the sanitation of the breeding environment;

(5) Enhance non-specific immunity of animals and reduce morbidity.

Instructions for use: Use this product at the dosage of 1%-2% per ton of full-price material.



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