Effective Microorganisms for Animal Feeding

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Breeding EM bacteria liquid

Effective Microorganisms for Animal Feeding

breeding EM bacteria liquid

Effective Microorganisms for Animal Feeding

Main ingredient: Enterococcus faecalis, carrier: drinking water.

Scope of application: suitable for breeding animals

Viable bacteria content: 2 million CFU/ml, moisture ≤ 9.0%

Specifications: 1L/bottle, 20 bottles/carton, 25L/piece

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Effective Microorganisms for Animal Feeding


EM Probiotics, high content, better bioactivity, pure strain.

Contents: Lactobacillus, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, bacillus, actinomycetes, nitrifying bacteria and their metabolites, digestive enzymes, protease, amylase, cellulase, amino acids, vitamins and other six beneficial microbial groups, including bacteriocin, peptidoglycan, protease, small molecular polypeptides, amino acids, vitamins, organic acids and other active ingredients.


Total effective viable bacteria ≥1.0X1010 CPU/ml,PH 3.5~5.5.


1. Breeding animals. 

For raising pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and pets.

EM bacteria can be used in drinking water and premix feed, fermented roughage, fermented feed, deodorization and disinfection.

EM bacteria can improve animal health, and feed absorption rate, and the taste and nutrition of roughage, reduce farm odor, prolong the storage time of roughage, and enhance animal immunity

2. Aquaculture. 

For all kinds of fish, shrimps and crabs. It can be used in pond sprinkling, feed mixing and fermented feed, such as chicken manure and bean dregs. 

It is conducive to purifying water quality, sterilizing, reducing ammonia nitrogen, enhancing dissolved oxygen, reducing nitrite, preventing algae from overflowing and enhancing water microorganism.

Activation method

1. Prepare a clean fermentation container with good sealing, such as a plastic pot, add clean sterile water, take 1kg brown sugar into 10kg water, heat the water, stir and melt, and wait for the brown sugar water to cool to 25-35 ° C for quality inspection, then add one EM strain, stir and put it into the fermentation container for closed fermentation. The fermentation time is 3-7 days in summer and 5-10 days in winter. The fourth day can open the lid, put in a little gas to prevent flatulence.

2. The temperature of the whole fermentation process is better at about 30 ° C, and it needs more time to ferment when the temperature is low. After fermentation, it is put in a cool place for standing.

After 3 or 5 days, test with pH test paper, when pH paper is about 4, or ask for acid taste or distiller's grains flavor, the fermentation is successful. Generally, it is safer to use after 5 days fermentation.


Animal Farming

1. Fermented feed. It can ferment soybean dregs, straw and other roughage. After diluted with water, 1kg of activating liquid was mixed with 200kg fermented feed, and the animals could be fed after sealed fermentation for 3-5 days.

2. Disinfection and deodorization. 1 kg of activating solution was diluted with water for 20-30 times. Spray animal pen, can spray 200 square meters enclosure, also can spray deodorization to septic tank, garbage dump, sewage ditch, etc.

3. Drinking water and mixing feed. 1 kg of activation solution diluted 200-300 times to animals for daily drinking water, or mixed with feed to feed animals.

4. Fermented feces. It can ferment chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and so on, which can be used to breed animals and plant plants. After diluted with 1 kg of activated liquid and water, 200 kg of feces were mixed well and sealed fermentation was conducted for 4-7 days.


1. Water quality control. 1kg activated bacteria liquid diluted with water and sprinkled 1 mu 1 meter pond, once every 7-15 days, generally better in the morning of sunny day.

2. Aquatic feed fermentation. 1 kg of activated bacteria liquid can ferment 200kg roughage, such as chicken manure, pig manure, bran residue, bean dregs and other feed, diluted with water, mixed well, sealed for 3-7 days, then fed in large quantity.

3. Feed with mixed feed. The mixture of 1kg activated bacteria liquid and 200 kg feed can be fed, which can improve the absorption rate of feed, improve the intestinal tract and promote the growth of animals.

4. Disinfection and deodorization. Before water injection, 1kg activated bacteria solution was mixed with water to disinfect and deodorize 1 mu pond instead of lime and bleaching powder.

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