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Our company held the "New Beginning·New Leap" 2018 New Year Annual Meeting

Times:2023-03-16 15:00:00 From:Okobake
"New starting point, new leap forward" Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2018 New Year's Annual Meeting is busy preparing in the multi-function hall on the second floor of Yiyang Xiangzhangshu Hotel. Under the arrangement of the members of the conference team, the interior of the hotel passes through balloons, Decorated with ribbons, the scene was filled with a lively festive atmosphere. Comrades from the finance department in the venue have placed melon seeds, peanuts, candies, and fruits in place, and the banner of the "New Beginning, New Leap" New Year's Annual Meeting of Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is particularly eye-catching at the venue.

Time flies, time flies, and the tense year of 2017 has passed. Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ushered in the 2018 New Year Annual Meeting. After everyone's busy schedule and intense preparations, a special annual event finally meets with you. At the same time, the company's leaders and all employees participated in the voting to produce the annual outstanding employees and excellent supervisor candidates.

The annual excellent employee and excellent executive voting site

Fun games

In order to welcome the coming of the new year, to let the majority of employees relax after a busy year, and to cultivate the team spirit of positive, united and cooperative departments and employees. Luoyang Okobaike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held a fun and interesting sports meeting at the square in front of the office building at 9 am on February 8, 2018. The event was organized by the company's network department. Dozens of employees and family members who came to the party participated in the event with passionate vitality and high fighting spirit.

Based on the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", this competition is divided into: tug-of-war competition, stool grabbing, dribbling, basketball shooting and other competitions. First, 4 captains are selected, and then 4 groups of players are selected by lottery. They are determined by stretching forehand and backhand. Teams 1 and 4, and teams 2 and 3 will compete in pairs. The competition adopts four-in-two, two-in-one, and elimination competitions. In the tug-of-war competition, a thick tug-of-war rope embodies the strength of everyone's unity. The players from all sides cheered each other on, opened the "bow step", concentrated their energy, and the game was about to start. Just listening to the whistle of the referee, the players on both sides pulled the rope tightly, leaned back slightly, gritted their teeth, and pulled the rope towards their respective teams with all their strength. The atmosphere was high throughout the tug-of-war. Even the dignified and beautiful female workers on weekdays are not inferior on the sports field, and they all go all out and are unstoppable. "One-two, come on! One-two, come on!" The resounding slogan ignited the enthusiasm of the participating players. The athletes on the field worked hard and fought hard. Next is the stool grab competition. The total number of players in the two groups is less than one stool, and the team that does not grab a stool is out. By analogy, the team that grabs more stools wins. The "grab a stool" sports event not only tests the reaction ability of the participants, but also cannot step into the circle of the sports field. Everyone was amused by the interesting scenes during the activity, and the whole activity site became a sea of joy. Then there is the back-to-back balloon event. Each group of men and women is divided into two teams. Two people are required to put the blown balloon in the middle of the two backs from the starting line and carry the balloon to the finish line. The shortest time to deliver 10 balloons to the finish line shall prevail. , and finally select the winning group. Finally, there is the basketball shooting event, and the group with the most fixed-point shooting of basketball is the winning group. After fierce competition, the winning team was finally selected and awards were presented. The competition process was intense and colorful. With the daring to fight and the courage to strive for the first place, everyone once again fully demonstrated the high-spirited and aggressive spirit of the company's employees.

Interesting sports scene scene

Chinese New Year Annual Meeting

After lunch, the 2018 New Year Annual Meeting of Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was busy preparing for the "New Start · New Leap" in the multi-function hall on the second floor of Yiyang Xiangzhangshu Hotel. Decorated with balloons and ribbons, the scene was filled with a festive atmosphere. Comrades from the finance department in the venue have placed melon seeds, peanuts, candies, and fruits in place, and the banner of the "New Beginning, New Leap" New Year's Annual Meeting of Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is particularly eye-catching at the venue. At around 1:00 p.m., the shocking opening credits began to sound, and all employees of the company entered the venue one after another under the guidance of the staff. At 2:30 in the afternoon, with the on-site annual meeting countdown and the opening music slowly sounding, the host of the company stepped onto the rostrum amidst the music, announcing the 2018 "new starting point, new leap forward" Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2018 The New Year's party has officially begun!

The annual meeting kicked off, and the leader gave a speech

The annual meeting kicked off with the speech of General Manager Fan Shouwu. In his speech, Mr. Fan gave a positive evaluation of the company's production and operation performance in 2017. With the unremitting efforts of all Okobake employees, the company has passed the survival period of arduous exploration. In 2018, the company will enter a rapid During the development period, Mr. Fan's speech was simple and inspiring. Then Mr. Liao delivered a New Year's speech at the meeting, extending his cordial condolences and New Year's wishes to all employees of Okobake. Next, the heads of the Network Department, the Finance Department, the Administration Department, the Production Department, and the Technology Department made work reports respectively, reporting on the work of the department, and looking forward to the work of the department in 2018. The leaders of the company and the employees of various departments gathered together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, to celebrate the coming of the Spring Festival, to review the achievements of 2017, and to look forward to the bright prospects of 2018. Thanks to all colleagues along the way; Mr. Liao announced the list of advanced individuals and supervisors in 2017 and presented awards, commended employees and middle managers who performed well in 2017, and expressed heartfelt thanks and respect to all colleagues who worked hard for the company ! The company thanks the employees who have worked tirelessly to contribute to the company's development! Excellent employees and middle-level leaders tell everyone about their growth process in the Okobaike family, and call on everyone to make progress together, strive to be advanced next year, and give full play to the exemplary role in the new year to achieve better results. Bless you all Tomorrow will be better, and we will continue to write a new chapter in 2018...

Heads of various departments make work reports, and outstanding employees and supervisors come to the stage to receive awards

After the annual summary, Wang Chaoyang, Bao Zhanqi, and Zhou Chongyang from the Production Department, Li Jiantao from the Technology Department, and Fan Weiling from the Finance Department took the stage to tell touching stories that happened in the company. The whole scene was touching, and many people were moved to tears. Especially the workers in the workshop made the people present strongly feel the simplicity and true love from their production front-line employees, and felt the employees' dedication to work and expectations for the company!

The touching story of the enterprise year

Next, the conference entered into a relaxed and joyful section of departmental performances, in which employees and their families performed solos, choruses, duets, dances, poetry recitations with music, and other talent performances. In a relaxed and active atmosphere, the Okobake family has enhanced unity and friendship with each other.


A gala performance for the family members of Okobake employees

In many parts of the venue, many awards and lottery activities were organized. The employees on the stage showed happy smiles, and the employees off the stage also responded with warm applause and sincere blessings. on stage. Zhou Chongyang, the leader of the mixed team, came to the stage to receive awards many times. For the first time, he said from the stage that he is not afraid of being put on a high shelf at work. When he stands on the podium, his legs feel weak, but his heart must be warm.


Picture Collection of Lucky Big Investment

At the end, all the staff enjoyed the company's well-prepared dinner. At the banquet, in greeting each other, in pushing cups and asking cups, in harmonious laughter, in the music of "Gong Xi Fa Cai", in the cheers of blessing tomorrow, the 2018 New Year's Annual Meeting of Okobake Company will be held The curtain came to a successful conclusion in a joyful atmosphere.

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