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Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. won the Excellence Award of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Times:2023-03-24 15:20:00 From:Okobake
Good news is coming! In the Henan competition area of the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the final of the Bioindustry Professional Competition of the 13th Henan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, [Feed Fermentation Chinese Herbal Medicine Alternative Antibiotics Project]——Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. won the prize Excellence Award.

Project name:

Feed fermented Chinese herbal medicine instead of antibiotics project

Main research content: make full use of microbial resources, develop microecological living bacteria preparations and enzyme preparations, conduct microbial fermentation and application of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, and carry out combined application research. Through these comprehensive measures, the use of antibiotics in animal feed can be reduced or eliminated. Solve the problem of excessive antibiotics caused by the abuse of antibiotics in the aquaculture industry, and ensure human food safety from the source.

Innovation point: the organic combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern bioengineering technology. Probiotics are used to ferment Chinese herbal medicines, and the macromolecular substances in Chinese medicines are decomposed and transformed into small molecular substances, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by the digestive tract of animals, thereby improving the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines, enhancing their disease resistance and disease prevention capabilities, and promoting growth. Effect, to achieve the role of replacing antibiotics.

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