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Luoyang Okobaike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. launched the theme activity of safety production month

Times:2023-03-24 15:20:00 From:Okobake
June this year is the 21st national "Safety Production Month", with the theme of "Complying with the Safety Production Law and being the first responsible person". Since June, our company has carried out various activities around the theme of this safety production month, which has played a positive role in standardizing and refining the enterprise safety system and ensuring the safety and health of employees. Good development has played an important role in promoting.

On the afternoon of June 7, various departments held the launching ceremony of the "Safe Production Month" activity in front of the office building, and everyone signed their names to root the concept of safe production in their hearts. In order to improve the fire safety awareness of employees, the company specially invites a fire protection publicity teacher to popularize fire protection knowledge to employees. Starting from the fire, it explained the basic common sense of fire, coping strategies, and the knowledge and skills of accident evacuation and escape. Our company has organized safety production training activities, hired experts to give key explanations on common disasters in enterprises, and conducted relevant examinations, which has improved employees' safety awareness and enhanced their ability to deal with emergencies.

Fire training

Fire drill

Fire drill

Fire drill

To deal with security incidents, it is necessary not only to know how to deal with them, but also to be able to operate them. Under the guidance of Director Bi, each department sent employees to conduct on-site fire-fighting drills. After practice, most employees have mastered the use of fire extinguishers. Through the special training on production safety, various departments have strengthened their awareness of production safety, and expressed that they would strengthen the supervision of production safety, keep the concept of production safety in mind, build a red line of production safety, and stick to the bottom line of production safety. Make positive contributions to the safety development of baker.

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