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Why is raising pigs more and more difficult?

Times:2023-03-22 15:00:00 From:Okobake
Nowadays, the production situation of the pig industry is becoming more and more difficult. This is the consensus of every practitioner in the industry. Whether it is a retail farm or a large-scale pig farm, everyone will feel this way. Why is raising pigs more and more difficult? How can we raise good pigs? Let's see:

1. There are more and more types of pig diseases, and mixed infection and secondary infection are the primary problems faced by pig raising

The most serious swine fever became atypical, and then appeared a variety of pig diseases that seriously endanger the safety of pig production: blue ear disease (also known as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, which is still mutating), circovirus Infection, pseudorabies, etc., the form of infection is complicated, either mixed infection, or secondary infection of multiple pathogens, so pig farmers complain: it is becoming more and more difficult to raise pigs, and it is very difficult to control the disease!

2. Immunosuppressive viroids are the real culprit for persistent infection in pigs

In 1996, PRRS began to spread in my country. Since then, the prevalence and harm of swine diseases have been "raised to a higher level". Due to PRRS virus, it also includes swine fever virus, pseudorabies virus, and swine flu virus. , can affect the immune function of pigs, also known as immunosuppressive viruses, once infected by such viruses, the immune ability of pigs will decline, and the level of immune response will be reduced or even lost. Therefore, pigs are completely exposed to the environment surrounded by multiple pathogens. As a result, it can only be infected and become ill, which can lead to death in severe cases.

3. Lean-meat pigs with high productivity have higher requirements for feeding and management conditions

Now pig production adopts factory production technology, which has high requirements for pig breeds, such as large number of litters and fast growth rate. Although the genetic potential of modern lean-meat pig breeds can achieve such a goal, the health level of pig herds is deteriorating and disease outbreaks occur frequently under the breeding situation of incomplete supporting facilities and outdated concepts of farmers.

4. Abuse of antibiotics leads to severe liver and kidney damage in pigs

In pig production, antibiotics are often used as preventive health care. The catabolism of antibiotics in animals must pass through the liver and kidneys. In this process, a large number of antibiotics will directly cause serious damage to the liver and kidneys. Liver and kidneys are the last line of health for animals. Protective barrier, so that the immune mechanism of pigs is suppressed, pathogens and pathogenic factors cannot be ruled out, which directly lead to the disease of the body and cause huge losses in pig production. Many factors have caused my country's pig industry to face hazards and disasters again and again.

5. Mycotoxin poisoning has made my country's pig production worse

The problem of mycotoxins has little effect in traditional pig production, but it is a big deal in modern pig farming. In the traditional mode of raising pigs, the amount of feed used is very small, and the hazard of mold is not very prominent due to the variety factor. The current pig production is in the form of high density, industrialization, and short-term slaughter of new breeds. The resistance of pigs to diseases is greatly reduced. In addition, the mildew of feed materials is very serious. Once neglected, problems may occur. The high fever that occurred in 2006 was mainly caused by mycotoxin contamination of corn. Mycotoxins can directly lead to immunosuppression in pig herds, resulting in miscarriage, false estrus, stillbirth, weak offspring, diarrhea and other diseases in sows.

How to solve the sub-health status of pigs

We know the causes of sub-health. In addition to breeding factors, factors such as feeding and management environment and abuse of antibiotics can be solved through our efforts. In the current factory farming, we must ensure the supporting breeding facilities and environmental conditions. Production The concept of breeding of farmers must also be updated from time to time. So how to solve the current serious disease factors? After more than ten years of continuous efforts and exploration, Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed a set of effective health care products using pure Chinese medicine and microecological products. The program, applied in hundreds of large and medium-sized pig farms across the country, improved the antibody level of the pig herd and relieved the immune suppression of the pig herd. The program is to use the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine - traditional Chinese medicine to improve the liver and kidney functions of pigs. Because this solution uses Chinese herbal medicine and micro-ecological products that do not contain antibiotics, and according to the health level of different pigs, it takes a long-term process to use it, so that we can achieve our goal of improving the health of pigs and reduce diseases. The occurrence of antibiotics has reduced the use of antibiotics, which has laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of the pig industry and made a huge contribution.

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