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Effect of EM bacteria on aquaculture

Times:2023-03-16 15:00:00 From:Okobake
The lifeblood of aquaculture lies in water, and a good water environment is an important prerequisite for growth and quality assurance.

The lifeblood of aquaculture lies in water, and a good water environment is an important prerequisite for growth and health. However, while Jingzhou City and Qianjiang City are vigorously developing "rice-shrimp co-cropping" and "rice-shrimp continuous cropping", some problems encountered in the breeding process, such as the hazards of "moss and harmful algae" It has always been a serious test faced by farmers. In response to this situation, Okobake Biological Co., Ltd. has launched a series of microbial agent products to regulate water quality, create perfect external living conditions for aquaculture, and inhibit moss and harmful Algae, cultivate golden algae, diatoms and other beneficial algae.

EM bacteria is one of the commonly used bacteria in aquaculture, which can stabilize and improve water quality, promote the growth of fish and shrimp, and reduce allergens and bad algae.

There are two main ways to use EM bacteria in aquaculture: one is to put them into the water, which can use the hydrogen sulfide, organic acids, ammonia and amino acids in the water to denitrify the ammonium nitrite in the water, which can inhibit the original microorganisms and harmful bacteria. Substances can adjust the ecological environment of aquaculture, improve water quality, and maintain the ecological balance of aquaculture water; the second is to mix and feed bait, which can enhance the absorption function of fish and the ability to prevent diseases and stress, and promote healthy growth. Its main applications are as follows:

1. Applied to pond fish farming

1. Water quality improvement: 3 days before stocking, sprinkle the water surface with 100 times dilution of EM bacteria. After stocking, depending on the water quality, use once every 10-15 days, the dosage is 2-3ml/m3.

2. Mixed feeding: Since the fish feed is granular, the bait can be sprayed with a 200-fold dilution of the EM bacteria stock solution.

3. Treatment of organic fertilizer and manure: organic fertilizer (grass liquid fertilizer) and manure to be put into the water body should be treated with EM bacteria stock solution first, and then put into the water surface after fermentation.

4. Prevention of floating heads: In case of fish floating heads and flooding of ponds, the diluent of EM bacteria stock solution can be used to evenly sprinkle the water surface, and it will get better in 3-5 hours, and the fish will return to normal. After that, it can be splashed again every 1-2 days.

2. Applied to cage fish farming

Soak honeycomb-shaped objects such as sponges in the mixed solution of EM bacteria stock solution (diluted about 10 times with 1% brown sugar aqueous solution) for 24 hours, then hang them in the middle of the net cage, and continuously spread the EM bacteria stock solution through the swimming of fish. The suspension of the EM bacteria stock solution is replaced once every 7 days or so, which can greatly improve the water environment of the cage.

3. Application in special aquaculture

1. Environmental treatment: One week before the pond is released, use 100 times EM bacteria dilution instead of lime to evenly spray the bottom of the pond to purify the environment. 3 days before stocking, sprinkle the water surface with the dilution of EM bacteria stock solution, the dosage is 5ml/m3. Use it every 10-15d thereafter. When the water quality is poor, the dosage can be appropriately increased or the interval of use can be shortened.

2. The method of water quality adjustment (eel pond): It is not advisable to directly and evenly pour into the high-density water exchange pool, but should be poured on the side of the aerator or the water inlet, so that the microorganisms of the EM bacteria stock solution continue to flow and spread.

3. Fish feed processing: After adding the EM bacteria stock solution and water to make a 100-fold dilution, mix it with the powdered feed evenly, and feed it in a lump.

4. Food table treatment: Check the food table before feeding each time, use 200-500 times the dilution of EM bacteria stock solution to purify the food table, and clean the food table for residual feeding.

5. Freshness preservation of aquatic products: Spray 500 times the dilution of EM bacteria stock solution every 1-2 days, which can prolong the freshness period of aquatic products.

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