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Okobake warmly congratulates the success of the 2021 Annual Summit of Henan Feed Industry Association

Times:2023-03-14 09:40:00 From:Okobake
On the morning of December 9, the 2021 Henan Feed Industry Association Annual Summit was held at the Yellow River Guest House in Zhengzhou. The meeting was sponsored by the Henan Feed Industry Association and co-organized by Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other units. This meeting is also the association's sixth membership congress and 25th anniversary celebration. The leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Provincial Feed Industry Association, experts and scholars in the feed industry, and representatives from more than 800 feed companies in the province gathered together to discuss the development plan of the feed industry in the province. The meeting elected the board members of the 6th Henan Feed Industry Association, and Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was successfully elected as the vice-chairman unit of the 6th Henan Feed Industry Association.

At the meeting, Dr. Li Zhentian, a special expert of Luoyang Okobake Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the College of Animal Science and Technology of Henan Agricultural University, made a report entitled "Development and Application of Antibiotic-Replacement Microbial Products for Feed". Concerns about antimicrobials, comprehensive plan for banning antimicrobials, current mainstream antimicrobial replacement feed additives, development of functional probiotics products, usage plan of educational and protective materials, requirements for antimicrobial replacement probiotics, application experience of probiotics, etc. are discussed. The report pointed out that the focus and difficulty of banning antibiotics are mainly on the breeds of laying chicks, piglets, and broiler chickens, and the focus of more attention is on the stage of piglets before 25KG. The weaning stress of piglets is high, the digestive tract of piglets does not develop before the body weight of 25KG*, diarrhea, and high mortality are the most difficult problems after the prohibition and reduction of antibiotics in the young stage. Okobake's functional probiotic products have successively gone through procedures such as screening and identification of functional strains and functional evaluation, functional evaluation and metabolic research in the intestinal environment, and then research and development of the product, and finally passed the functional verification test, and gradually Promote application and marketization.

At the summit, many customers visited, we communicated with them, introduced the company's product information and the company's technical experience in the field of biological preparations in detail, and won the full support and recognition of customers. In the future, we will unswervingly release more products that satisfy customers, contribute to the implementation of the anti-antibiotics and anti-antibiotics reduction policy, and escort the healthy development of the animal husbandry industry!

Luoyang Okobaike Bio, which is striving to be the first in the field of biological preparations, is willing to continue to work hand in hand with colleagues in the feed industry to develop together, to make its best efforts for the high-quality development of the feed breeding industry, and to contribute to the green and sustainable animal husbandry. Make new and greater contributions to development!


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